About Us

Gverse is an MMORPG developed in the first quarter of 2021. The main aim of the game is not PvP. The main purpose is to create your own avatar and spend time with your friends in the Gverse universe, which is a digital world. So what awaits us in Gverse?

Customizable Avatar: Can choose a personalized avatar that looks like himself.

MutantForest: You can progress through the mini-story of the game by going to this designated map, destroy creatures with your friends and collect items and in-game currency that will strengthen your avatar.

Market System: You can buy/sell items from the ready-made markets in the game. You can sell your item to other players by creating a market in a designated area.

Construction System: You can make your own structures (houses, farms, portals) in this city by purchasing plots of land on the Origin map.

Craft System: You can produce by making use of diversity in Gverse. By collecting resources (wood, stone, flower, leather) in certain regions, you can produce new items in places such as blacksmith or lumberjack. (Your own armor, the structure to be placed on your land) these products can be sold and traded in the market.

Touristic and fun areas: You can socialize with other people in Gverse, participate in the activities in the Night Club, and visit special tourism areas. (Soon to be VR Integrated.)

Pet System: There is a pet system that will be your friend.

Clan/Group System: You can set up your own Clan. By sending a group invitation, you can work with other people and gain an advantage in collecting items.

Special City System: If you have land in Origin, you can add a portal to your land, go to your city that is special to you, organize your own city depending on your imagination, and invite your friends to this city.

Mission System: The system where you can earn certain rewards by taking missions from the NPCs found to progress through the game story.

Mount System: You can use various mounts available in the markets (Horse, Flying Dragon) to navigate Gverse comfortably and quickly.

Skill System: The system in Gverse for those who want to progress on the RPG Game side. In this system, you can use special skills in the game by choosing the skills (Burner, Remote) that you can choose when creating your avatar.

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